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DFO Finds 10 Grass Carp in Isolated Lake

The Fisheries and Oceans Canada Asian Carp Program has been busy over the last week responding to Grass Carp captures in Lake Gibson in Thorold, Ontario. An angler caught a Grass Carp and reported the find to the Invading Species Hotline (1-800-563-7711), at which point DFO began early detection surveillance in Lake Gibson. DFO captured 10 Grass Carp in total. Eight fish were confirmed triploid (incapable of breeding). Nine of the fish were incapable of reproducing. The tenth fish did have viable gonads but lacked adequate spawning areas in the Lake Gibson system. The size of the fish indicate to us that they were isolated in the Lake Gibson because of a lack of open water connections to surrounding water bodies.


Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee Releases 2016 Asian Carp Action Plan   

The Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee (ACRCC) this week announced the release of the 2016 Asian Carp Control Action Plan.  Formerly called the Asian Carp Control Strategy Framework, the document outlines the strategic and coordinated actions federal, provincial, state and local partners are taking to stop the introduction, spread and establishment of Asian carp into the Great Lakes. Since the ACRCC’s establishment in 2009, the actions of the partnership have successfully defended the Great Lakes from self-sustaining populations of Asian carp with more than $386 million invested in research, control and monitoring efforts.

View the 2016 Asian Carp Action Plan 

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Carpe Asiatique 

The Invasive Species Centre has officially launched the French Language Asian Carp Canada website. This comprehensive website provides information on all aspects of Asian carps, serving as a gateway to reports, facts, webinars, maps and educational materials in an easily accessible way.

Beyond the tremendous socio-economic cost to the commercial and recreational fisheries, the establishment of Asian carps into Canadian waters poses a threat to native species and overall biodiversity.

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Asian Carp Innovative Solutions Competition


Logo for the Innovative Solutions Competition

Winning Teams Reel in $5,000

The Asian Carp Innovative Solutions Competition, held on March 5th, was developed as a platform for college, university undergraduate, and masters’ students to showcase their original ideas and designs that could be used in the prevention, control, and/or elimination of Asian carps in the Great Lakes basin.

For more information visit the

Innovative Solutions Competition page




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