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(March 2015)

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Asian Carp Canada Webinar

Asian Carp threaten to invade the Great lakes which could have negative ecological, economic and social consequences. two of the four species in particular, Bighead and Silver Carp, are a large threat due to their diet. They are voracious plankton feeders and have the potential to disrupt food webs. This webinar will be presented by three speakers. Dr. Edward Rutherford is a Research Fishery Biologist at NOAA's Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory where he focuses on population dynamics, early life history and habitat of Great Lakes and marine fishes. Dr. Doran Mason is a Research Ecologist at NOAA and his speciality is quantitative aquatic ecology. Jenny Apriesnig is a Ph.D. candidate at Colorado State University where she develops models to examine fisheries and invasive species issues. This webinar will discuss the potential effects that a Silver and Bighead Carp invasion could have on Great Lakes food webs.

Ecological Risk Assessment of Grass Carp for the Great Lakes Basin

Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Great Lakes Fishery Commission announce results of key risk assessment study on Grass Carp for the Great Lakes Basin. Grass Carp have been found in Lakes Michigan, Erie and Ontario and the ecological consequences in most areas of the Great Lakes basin could be extreme within the next 50 years. Wetlands in the Great Lakes basin are particularly vulnerable should Grass Carp become established. This study will inform management and policy decisions with an objective of preventing the survival, establishment and spread of Grass Carp in the Great Lakes basin on both sides of the border.The full risk assessment can be found at


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Vegetation at the bottom of a lake


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