Incident Command System

Incident Commander Liaison Officer Communications Officer (PIO) Operations Chief Logistics Chief Planning Chief Strike Team Lab Analysis Service Advisory Team Strike Team Strike Team Strike Team Asian Carp Asian Carp Asian Carp Asian Carp

Incident Commander

The Incident Commander manages the entire response and assigns individuals to the key roles within the command structure.

Liaison Officer

As there are two agencies involved in managing responses in Ontario (OMNRF and DFO) one of the key roles in ICS is liaising between the agencies to ensure coordination of resources, assets and expertise. The Liaison Officer works closely with the Incident Commander to advise and deliver in this important role.

Communications Officer

The Communications Officer primarily role is to inform the public about an incident and a response. The Communications Officer manages media inquiries, public messaging, internal messaging and issues management related to the incident.

Operations Chief

The Operations Chief manages the on-water response to an incident, deploys crews, assesses water bodies & manages all resources including human and financial related to the incident.

Logistics Chief

The Logistics Chief manages real property assets for use during the incident. This role helps to ensure that all members of the ICS structure have the tools and resources needed to complete their tasks.

Planning Chief

In an Asian Carp incident, this role is crucial to the level of response undertaken. Primarily the Planning Chief will conduct lab analysis on animals that have been captured to confirm species and fertility status. Based on the results, the Incident Commander then decides whether a response should be increased, maintained or scaled back.